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We are looking for a Postdoc to work on the Sonata Bis project
Strategies to increase the performance of skeletal muscles and brown adipose tissue to combat obesity and related diseases
financed for up to 40 months by the Polish National Science Center.

In the framework of this proposal, ambitious projects to investigate the impact of kinase-mediated signaling cascades on different aspects of muscle and adipose tissue metabolism using genetic, biochemical, and high-throughput screening approaches are available.

Postdoctoral position

More information about application procedure:

The deadline is 20.07.2023 or until the position is filled.

The tentative start day is 01.09.2023 or later.

You are also encouraged to contact us directly beforehand.

We always want to encourage students, interns, and postdocs to discover the inspiring world of metabolism

This inspiring and dynamic work environment lets you gain your first work experience whether as a student, an intern, or writing your Bachelor's/Master's thesis.

Our goal is to provide prospective students with a practical work experience they can benefit from, and wide knowledge about metabolism.

We are always interested in qualified and highly motivated students.

If you want to develop your future career as a postdoc you are also welcome to contact us. 

To apply for a position, please contact us with your CV, a statement of your research interests and description of the motivation for joining our laboratory.